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It’s getting hotter!

The temperature where we live has been steadily in the 80s and is due to be in the 90s this weekend. That means cool stuff, so I’m getting prepared:

14. Bought a new swimsuit skirt to go with the great top I found last year. I love it when a bathing suit doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

15. Bought new ice cream flavors to try: apple pie, mocha almond fudge, and vanilla frappuccino.

16. Bought adirondack chairs and a little table for the deck. Last year we moved the outside table and chairs to the patio below the deck to keep things cool, but the deck’s been bare ever since. I’d been dragging a kitchen chair outside in the mornings to sit with something to read and a cup of tea while it’s still cool, but that gets old. Super sale at a local store means 3 new chairs (the rocking one is for ME!) and a table (for the cup of tea). Now where is that screwdriver so I can assemble them?


2 More Things

2 more things to celebrate Summer:

11. Changed screen saver to a tropical picture: palm fronds with an ocean background. I imagine this is the view I’d have if my window looked out from a hut on the beach instead of a house in the suburbs!
12. Signed up for a class. This is something grown-ups don’t usually have time to do because of kids’ activity schedules. Lucky me: my daughter needs no supervision and I get to take a class in something I like — sewing — rather than a mandatory continuing education unit. But if I had to earn a CEU or two, that’s a very typical thing to do over the Summer.
13. Tested out a new fizzy lime drink (non-alcoholic) that a mexican fast food joint is offering. It was great, especially in 90+ degree weather!

Alright, that’s three more things. So I’m ahead. A little. Where are you?

The Beginning

For years, my daughter and I (and recently, my two nieces and I) did special things each day to celebrate Summer. All three of them are too busy to play with me this year — daughter off on an internship and a summer job, nieces involved in team sports — so I’m on my own. But no pouting! By my reckoning, there are 99 days of Summer this year (Memorial Day through Labor Day), so I am celebrating each of those days with something “summery.” Full disclosure: many of these things can be done in other seasons, but they often feel “summery” even then. So where am I on Day 10?

The List:
1. Stayed in a camping cabin in WVa (Memorial Day weekend)
2. Started a summer read: Dorothea Benton Frank’s Sullivan’s Island (and if an island book isn’t summery, I don’t know what is!)
3. Stocked the freezer with “Icees”
4. Got a shorter haircut
5. Put up patriotic decorations and a flip flop flag on my mailbox
6. Changed out the winter clothes in my closet for summer ones
7. Got a summery pedicure (“French:” really light, really pretty)
8. Attended my college reunion (25 years, but who’s counting?)
9. Ate lunch outside in a garden
10. Toured the DDay memorial (the day before the actual anniversary — very cool — and touring always makes me feel like it’s Summer, maybe because it implies vacation.)

No promises that I’ll update this list daily. Sometimes I’ll be a little behind, sometimes ahead. So what are you doing this Summer?