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Beat the Heat

You can’t really escape the heat unless you stay 100% indoors with the AC running, but that in itself says “Summer” to me. Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, I racked up the ways to celebrate Summer, including some very cool ways to stay, well, cool!

17. A Carribean island: No, we did not get away to land of rum and reggae for the weekend, but my BIL has a floating “carribean island” tied to a dock  —  seating for 5 adults plus numerous kids. Each seat has a mesh bottom, so we essentially sit in the water, and each seat has a convenient cup holder. Which brings me to #18.

18. Adult beverages: There is nothing like relentless heat and humidity to bring on a craving for cold drinks, preferably those of a slushy nature, doctored with whatever you have to hand. My BIL made pink lemonade “happy juice” for everyone, and happy we were.

19. The Fourth of July: This is traditionally celebrated with a parade, and where we were was no exception. Except our community has a boat parade. The boaters parade up and down the canal, soaking the observers with squirt guns, water hoses, and buckets. We observers obligingly return the favor. Males, young and old, find this a particularly essential part of the ritual.

20. Water pistols, water, guns, water fights. See above. It’s not Summer without at least one good soaking.

21. Family reunions: formal or informal, regular or once-in-a-blue moon, these events are very Summery, complete with potluck suppers and lots of catching up. Ours happens regularly around the 4th of July and we take turns providing the supper and the beer.


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