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Keeping Cool

We’ve been having heat advisories and keeping cool has been everyone’s focus. Here are a couple of suggestions:

33. A new water bottle: Everyone knows about keeping hydrated, but how to do that when the temperature is well over 100 F is another matter. I bought my family new 24-ounce double-walled tumblers with “sippy cup” lids, and they are making the job easier for me at least. The tumbler fits in the car cup holders, so they go where we go; we can refill them from our filtered faucet, so there’s no waste of money and resources with the gallons of bottled water we’d need; and each of us has a different design on our tumbler (mine is a dragonfly) so there’s no confusion. Easy Squeezy, Lemon Peasy!

34. Summer clothes: now is the time to buy a couple of new summer duds. Everything is on sale, you’re bored with what you’ve been wearing for two or three months now, and the stores are air conditioned!

35. Summer jewelry: don’t forget the accessories! I actually have a pair of beach bracelets: costume jewelry that can be worn to the beach without worrying about damage.  But anything lighter than what you usually wear is good. Silver shows up beautifully against a tan!

36. School supplies. How is this summery? Well, they all go on sale during the Summer. Woe and extra expense to the moms and dads who wait until after school starts to purchase needed supplies. Most schools publish lists ahead of time, and my college-aged daughter takes the responsibility to email her professors for the Fall Semester and ask what they’ll want. The stores do run out of popular items, so shop now.

37. Tax-free: Even if you are not buying summer clothes or shopping for school supplies, you can take advantage of tax-free shopping in many states. Where we live, the tax-free weekend is this coming one, and I know there will be a lot of adults out there buying for themselves. Just because it can be used for back-to-school doesn’t mean it has to be, and tax-free is definitely cool.

38. Beach decor: By the end of July, I am tired of my patriotic decorations and swap them out for “beachy” ones. I have sea shells in a crystal bowl, a “crabby” front door mat, and a cross-stitches pillow of a lighthouse scene.

39. Fishing: OK, you  have to go outside for this one, but you’ll be on, in, or by the water, and that’s cool. Plus you might catch dinner!

40. The pool: I haven’t done this one yet this year, since it’s usually my nieces who ask to go, but if I can find my pool pass, I might just go stick my toes in the water.

41. Toes in the water: Pools and beaches aside, there are other places to stick your toes in the water. To cool off after a hike in the mountains, I stuck my toes in the trail-side creek. Delightful. No creek? Try the kiddie pool or even soaking your feet in cool water in the tub. Extra points if you use bath salts!

42. Go underground: While on vacation, we visited some caverns. You know, stalactites, stalagmites, and all those cool rock formations? They really are cool, even chilly: you’ll probably need a jacket to be comfortable.


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  1. 33. From a camp counselor point of view, water is 100% necessary. Therefore I suggest camelbacks!!!
    36. Most professors, even teachers have no problem giving you the supply list/book list early if they know it. Some college’s bookstores are beginning to post book lists online. 🙂
    39. On the fishing topics, thanks to the paternal related men in my life (dad included) for teaching me to fish!!! Due to your great teaching, I baited over 30 rods this summer with ‘icky’ worms. I also help release 7 fish caught on those rods (btw they are sticks and bamboo).

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