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Halfway There!

Well, actually, we are way more than halfway there, but with this entry, I will get halfway to my goal of 99 different Summery things. It’s harder than I thought it would be!

43. Arts or music festival: These abound where I live (outside a major metropolitan area), so I can have my pick of art or music or both. For the past two years, I’ve participated in a music festival. My choir sponsors a summer camp for high schoolers who like to sing and we spend each evening of that week rehearsing a piece that is performed that weekend. The kids also spend time taking music theory and voice lessons. One of the adult member of my choir attends a camp like this just for grown-ups each year. Sounds like fun!

44. Doctor’s appointments: OK, definitely not celebratory, but appointments are easier to get in the summertime, until you get close to back-to-school. By the end of the Summer, I will have spent a solid week at the doctors, either for myself, my child, or with a friend. Not fun, but easier to do now than during the rest of the year.

45. Grilling: Yes, I know this can be done year-round in some climates, but it’s almost necessary in this one. I like my meat cooked, and using the stove or the oven heats up the kitchen. Tonight there are mini sirloin steaks waiting to go on the grill. Sometimes I “jerk” them, but tonight, they are just going as is.

46. Christmas in July, Part 1: I started a new stitching project that has a Christmas theme. This actually gives me a chance to finish it in time for the holidays!

47. Christmas in July, Part 2: All those back-to-school sales are actually a great time to start whittling down your list for the holidays. If you don’t have a list, start one! If you do, think of the money you’ll save and the crowds you won’t have to face.

48. Bible Study: I did already mention taking a class, but I don’t count this as school. Many churches run “summer studies” — short, usually 6-week Bible studies. I found one on the web and “took it” with a friend who lives no where near me. It was great to catch up with her via IM and work together on something that strengthened our faith.

49. Ice cream pie: I already mentioned trying new ice cream flavors, didn’t I? Well, this is not a new flavor — it’s a whole different kind of treat. It’s also a great way to make a dessert without having to cook. My recipe involves Peanut Butter, a chocolate crumb pie shell (no baking — I buy this pre-made), Cool Whip, and cream cheese.

50. Ice cream stands: Many of these are open year-round, but I don’t think going out for ice cream is a fun date for December, at least not where I live. I’ve been waiting for my husband to ask me out to our local stand — so far no invite. Maybe I should ask him!


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