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Summer Singalong

#52: Go to an outdoor concert. #53: Tailgate Picnics — not just for football season! #54: Hawaiian shirts and dresses. One BIL likes to celebrate birthdays with concert tickets and tailgating at an outdoor venue, and this year he chose the Jimmy Buffett concert in Virginia Beach. The 4 couples from my husband’s family met up with at least that many members of one SIL’s family in the parking lot for fried chicken and biscuits and margaritas (of course!). All of us had “lawn tickets,” which meant we could bring folding chairs or blankets to sit on, but after three concerts at this particular venue, I can say with certainty that it’s not worth the bother. Everyone stands throughout the concert. Most Buffett fans know all of the words to all of his songs, as well as any gestures that go with them, so it’s full audience participation time. I only sat down when the cigarette smoke started to get to me (a huge drawback to outdoor venues, IMHO).

Full disclosure: I am pretty sure I would prefer a concert at which everyone sat in their chairs (lawn or otherwise), nobody sang along, and nobody smoked. And I’ve asked one BIL to bring his portable grill to the next tailgating event — grilled sausage truly beats fast-food fried chicken, and I’d love to put together a menu of salads and desserts (jello shooters, while yummy, are not dessert!) to go with it. But I do like Jimmy Buffett’s music, and with everyone having such a good time around me, it was hard not to have a (mostly) good time myself. And it was a great excuse to wear my Hawaiian print dress, even if I did forget my parrot earrings.


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  1. karyn wilson said:

    Glad it was a fun time even though you forgot the parrot earrings!

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