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Summer Camp

#55. Go to Summer Camp. Or send your kids. Or go with them as a volunteer. I have mixed feeelings about those overnight summer camps which kids attend for the entire season, but a few weeks of camp is a nice thing, whether sleep-away or day. All the usual suspects: bugs, water, hiking, s’mores, silly songs, and lots of time outside — it’s a good thing to try. If your kids (or you) hate it, no need to repeat the experiment. My best friend goes to camp all Summer long — she’s the camp director for a nature center — and another woman I know goes to a music camps. I’ve also heard of book camp (learning to make books, paper and otherwise) and one Summer my daughter went to a sewing day camp. I’m even seeing signs for science and engineering camps, so it’s seeming like there’s something for everyone. For myself, I’d like my camp to include massages, yoga, facials, and good food. What is a spa, after all, but summer camp (with perks) for grown-ups?


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  1. From one of the camp counselors in the family, I will tell you that your childrens’ camp counselor will help them get over the bugs and find their place in all that nature. All the silliness makes it that much more fun and memoriable. Also let them bring the books because story-time at the campfire or even by flashlight-light is that much more enjoyable when the story being read is one your children want to hear.

    There are camps for everything and everyone but if you can not find one for your tastes; make your own! Make a schedule hang it on your fridge and have fun. Smores can be made over a grill. Silly songs can be sung anywhere…ask any GS camp counselor, we sing them in the weirdest places including Walmart when the mood stricks us.

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