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Studio Edition 3

I’ve been slugging away at some finishing jobs — some for pay, some for love — and have gotten several pieces out the door in the last two weeks. Three of them are ornaments that someone else is paying me to finish, and I don’t think I can post a photo of them, but two of them are for me and mine. Pictures to follow, but in brief I have finished a cross-stitched bookmark for my daughter (her stitches, my construction) and my first pair of socks! They aren’t perfect, but they’re comfortable (I know this b/c I wore them yesterday when we were blessed with cooler weather), look cool with jeans, and obligingly hide their faults in the toes of my shoes! No resting on my laurels — I’ll be back in the studio this afternoon, working on the fourth ornament of a group of five — but I was encouraged by this level of progress and hope you will be, too.


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