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Summer Reading Program

#57 Summer Reading Programs: When I was a kid, my local library had a summer reading program just for kids. We registered every year, listing the books we’d read, and even participating in contests (like the year we built doll houses to represent the All of a Kind Family books). I don’t know if there were programs for adults (what your parents do hardly registers when you are 9 or 10) but there are now, at least at my present library. I’ve signed up every year since we’ve lived here, duly listing the books I’ve read or listened to by submitting book reviews. Using the old book report format of title, author, topic, and “why I liked this book” seems to be a good formula, and no one is correcting them anyway. It’s a great way to get “credit” for your summer reading (you are doing some, aren’t you?).  A couple of year ago, I actually won a prize (movie tickets and chocolate bars!!!) in the drawing taken from that week’s submissions — how cool is that?!? Made me feel like a kid again — like getting an “A” on my book report.


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