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Summer 2014

99 days is a good long block of time, perfect for working on a large project in small doses. Doing a tiny bit of math, you might be surprised to discover that working for only 15 minutes a day everyday this Summer will yield just under 25 hours of work! That’s equal to spending a whole day and then some reading, sewing, catching up on what you have TiVo’d, stitching, doing yoga, or whatever else you like best. Yes, even eating chocolate, though I (and your doctor & your bathing suit) do not recommend that!

I suggested to several of my stitching buddies that this would be a great way to get a big project finished, and that’s one thing I’ll be working on (stay turned for in-progress pictures). It’ll be so satisfying to exhibit a “masterpiece” at the end of the Summer! What I’m really itching to work on, however, is my scrapbook pile. It’s overflowing, so I am aiming for a page a day, all Summer long. A page a day — so 99 pages — would result in a very large finished album, but since I have many already begun, I’m hoping for several completed books by Summer’s end.

Before I start, I’ll post a picture so you can see the “before,” and as I go along I’ll post progress reports, a tally, and even some of the finished work. To keep me honest, let’s stipulate that “a page” is one side for the larger albums (12×12, 8×10, etc.) and two sides for the smaller ones (7×7, 5×7, etc.). Some days I may get on a roll and finish multiple pages; some days I may not get any done at all (vacation, family outings — all days on which I’ll be adding to the memories instead “scrapping” them). Polite, pleasant comments and critiques welcome, and let me know if you are scrapping (or stitching, or whatever) along with me!









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