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Gratitude, Takes 3 and 4

Well, on our great national day of giving thanks, I was too occupied with family (there were sixteen of us here yesterday) to post, so I am trying for forty today. If I get to thirty and am interrupted, I’ll aim to finish up tomorrow.
41. My husband’s quick reflexes and our guardian angels that kept us safe both times drivers veered into our lane on our trip down here
42. Rain rather than snow for our long drive
43. The real possibility of snow soon, very soon
44. The way my niece’s face lit up when I brought out the cheese pie.
45. My MIL’s WI-FI
46. An email from my BIL on a sailing trip this week
47. Not needing to hit the Black Friday sales
48. Our cat seems to be getting better about being in the car
49. My MIL putting us all up so we don’t need a hotel
50. Sitting with my SIL as she planned her Black Friday shopping and I knitted
51. The Water Coach app to remind me to drink water
52. Finding a new app to remind me about medicines
53. That each of us have enough electronic toys that I won’t be shopping for those this year
54. Friends and family who truly welcome homemade gifts
55. Friends and teachers who expand my handwork repertoire
56. More than enough books
57. Knowing when enough is enough and not renewing two magazine subscriptions for next year
58. My daughter’s boyfriend joining us for Thanksgiving
60. Knowing where to go for a few quiet moments alone in a house with sixteen people
61. Verizon’s freebies on “Connection Day”
62. Several upcoming Christmas concerts (Yes, they are during Advent, but I love them anyway.)
63. Figuring out how to ride in our new rowboat without getting seasick
64. My new pretty purple floral life vest!
65. Bass Pro gift cards, probably enough to buy a small motor for the rowboat
66. The prospect of a trip to Bass Pro — this usually means dinner in their restaurant
67. A husband who fishes
68. My own pink fishing rod: Fish Like Pink, you know!
69. Apps that support my Faith, like Laudate and National Catholic Register
70. Blogs that support my Faith, like The Littlest Way and Devotionals Daily
71. Living where it’s not illegal to be Catholic
72. My husband’s 31 years of service to our country: 26 in the Army and now 5 as a Navy Scientist
73. My daughter’s dedication to her students
74. That my daughter shares my stitching hobby and goes fishing with her dad, too
75. That all five of our parents (I have a stepmother, too) are still alive and healthy
76. My in-law’s 50+ years of marriage and my father and stepmother’s 35+ years: such good examples in these days of throw-away relationships
77. My own 27+ years: blessings through thick and thin
78. That our daughter’s boyfriend is Catholic
79. Hot and cold running water (Do we realize how precious this is?)
80. This chance to count my blessing (Thank you, Jenny!): a great set-up for my day!


Gratitude, Take 2

My next twenty:
21. A family which does not complain when dinner is less than optimal
22. A day when I don’t have to leave the house
23. A husband who finds the file folder that’s been missing for over a week
24. A great gift idea for our daughter, decided upon and purchased
25. Only needing to make the pies for Thanksgiving — my MIL does the rest
26. A non-soy, lower calorie, very low cholesterol eggnog substitute
27. Being 1/3 of the way done with the second sock of the pair I’m knitting
28. A terrific diocesan newspaper
29. My husband’s quirky sense of humour
30. Already having enough Christmas cards and wrapping paper for this year
31. That my husband can work from home sometimes
32. A half day for our teacher-daughter tomorrow
33. The chance of snow tonight and tomorrow
34. Two ovens
35. Coupons
36. Finding a new hand cream for my winter-sensitive hands
37. A pretty wine rack for $3 at a garage sale
38. Books on CD
39. My crock pot
40. New jeans that fit just right

OK, it was hard to come up with a second set of twenty in the same day. Maybe sleep will reset my gratitude button!

Gratitude Challenge

Thank you, Jenny, at The Littlest Way, for issuing this challenge. My first twenty are:
1. A new (to us) cat
2. Our new cat is a lap cat. The last one wasn’t.
3. My own washer and dryer
4. Today’s Skype date with my accountability partner, study buddy, and friend
5. A good, gas-sipping car
6. A talent with needle and thread
7. So much papercraft/ scrapbook stuff that I can’t find the wreath kit I know I have. Somewhere!
8. A husband who drives an hour each way to work without complaint
9. My daughter being employed full time
10. Membership in 5 needlework guilds
11. A heavenly concert at a local church with just the right mix of music
12. Having a truly local sewing machine shop
13. The sewing machine shop offering free open sew sessions with on-hand assistance
14. An early December sewing retreat
15. Living only 2 hours from my college roommate
16. An easy reservation system at our library
17. A library app (!) to make reservations and renewals on the fly
18. Free libraries (they charge in Germany!)
19. Living in Germany for 5 years as an adult
20. The anticipated blessings of Advent