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Gratitude, Take 2

My next twenty:
21. A family which does not complain when dinner is less than optimal
22. A day when I don’t have to leave the house
23. A husband who finds the file folder that’s been missing for over a week
24. A great gift idea for our daughter, decided upon and purchased
25. Only needing to make the pies for Thanksgiving — my MIL does the rest
26. A non-soy, lower calorie, very low cholesterol eggnog substitute
27. Being 1/3 of the way done with the second sock of the pair I’m knitting
28. A terrific diocesan newspaper
29. My husband’s quirky sense of humour
30. Already having enough Christmas cards and wrapping paper for this year
31. That my husband can work from home sometimes
32. A half day for our teacher-daughter tomorrow
33. The chance of snow tonight and tomorrow
34. Two ovens
35. Coupons
36. Finding a new hand cream for my winter-sensitive hands
37. A pretty wine rack for $3 at a garage sale
38. Books on CD
39. My crock pot
40. New jeans that fit just right

OK, it was hard to come up with a second set of twenty in the same day. Maybe sleep will reset my gratitude button!


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