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Gratitude, Take 5

Back on line to finish my list:

81. The chance to make a mini Thanksgiving dinner, just for the three of us.
82. My husband toting up the Christmas boxes from the basement
83. Two neighborhood social events that have become traditions
84. Hostess gifts lined up and wrapped for those events
85. A sewing client who is flexible about deadlines
86. The lovely, oddly pale colours of this morning’s sunrise
87. A routine that includes watching the sunrise
88. 24 shopping days until Christmas — I may need them all!
89. Online, emailed, and downloaded Advent devotionals to keep my head and heart in the right game this season
90. An online novena site to keep my prayer intentions on track (www.praymorenovenas.com, if you are interested)
91. The First Sunday of Advent and our little family tradition of lighting the first candle and reading the Annunciation from the Gospel.
92. Having my brother’s 46-year-old children’s Bible
93. A good night’s sleep
94. A library within walking distance
95. My Christmas card list: a chance to think of and pray for distant friends and family
96. Finding a stack of “forever” Madonna and Child stamps tucked in with the cards
97. Being able to request a new Rx without having to make an appointment
98. Mail-order pharmacy!
99. That we all like the same kinds of TV shows
100. Dinner as a family. Every night. For years now. So worth it!


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