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Eating a Whale

The last time I updated this blog, I logged #59 in a list of 99 things to celebrate about Summer. That was two year ago! While last year’s one entry contained much to be grateful for and yes, even celebrate, none of it was specifically summery. This leaves me with 40 items to finish out the list, so I am back to try to eat this whale. And that is my first suggestion for Summer 2016:

60. Eat a Whale. Not literally, but figuratively, as in Shel Silverstein’s poem Melinda Mae: take a big project (like finishing a list of 99 items) and take one bite — check off one item at a time. With 99 days (97 at this writing), Summer is ideal for big things done in small pieces.

61. Sign up for a Summer Challenge. Lots of bloggers and sites offer them — clean cooking, catching up on scrap booking, exercising everyday — on almost any topic for which you’d like to build a habit. Not one bite at a time, but rather one day at a time. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. We have time enough for three new ones!

62. Convertibles and sunroofs: My very first car had a sunroof, my second did not. When I bought my third car, a sunroof was one of the “mandatory” upgrades I wanted. I imagine that convertible aficionados feel the same way about their access to overhead sunshine. Just be sure to wear sunscreen!

63. Screen porch: breezes, a respite from the sometimes-relentless sun, and (virtually) no mosquitoes — what’s not to like. Our little cottage has one and it is a lifesaver for my husband (Mr. Mosquito Bait) and for me (cooler than a deck, warmer than air conditioning. Even the cat likes it!

64. Reruns: Nowadays, reruns of favorite and not-so-favorite TV shows are all over the place, including on line, but it used to be that they signaled “Summer!” New shows were rare in the Summer, and the old ones (with their ads) kept network TV going (and rainy days sane) until the start of the new seasons in the Fall.

65. Now, of course, we have summer-only series on TV. My only personal experience with this is Royal Pains, but I know there are many more out there. And that’s only on TV . . .!


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