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Ready, Set, Go!

This is the “before” photo of my scrapbooking pile. I am very ready to see what 15 minutes a day for 99 days produces. There are photos and memorabilia in there from our last three Army tours, our “post-retirement” life, and a special trip I took in 2008. All my supplies are set and I am raring to go!


Work In Progress

Ok, this is the project I’ve chosen to start working on 15 minutes a day this Summer. Very seasonal, yes? I love working on things in season, even though that often means I probably won’t get to use the finished product right away, because the season will have changed before or when I’m done. But that’s OK, because this feels like Summer and that will help to motivate me!

Summer 2014

99 days is a good long block of time, perfect for working on a large project in small doses. Doing a tiny bit of math, you might be surprised to discover that working for only 15 minutes a day everyday this Summer will yield just under 25 hours of work! That’s equal to spending a whole day and then some reading, sewing, catching up on what you have TiVo’d, stitching, doing yoga, or whatever else you like best. Yes, even eating chocolate, though I (and your doctor & your bathing suit) do not recommend that!

I suggested to several of my stitching buddies that this would be a great way to get a big project finished, and that’s one thing I’ll be working on (stay turned for in-progress pictures). It’ll be so satisfying to exhibit a “masterpiece” at the end of the Summer! What I’m really itching to work on, however, is my scrapbook pile. It’s overflowing, so I am aiming for a page a day, all Summer long. A page a day — so 99 pages — would result in a very large finished album, but since I have many already begun, I’m hoping for several completed books by Summer’s end.

Before I start, I’ll post a picture so you can see the “before,” and as I go along I’ll post progress reports, a tally, and even some of the finished work. To keep me honest, let’s stipulate that “a page” is one side for the larger albums (12×12, 8×10, etc.) and two sides for the smaller ones (7×7, 5×7, etc.). Some days I may get on a roll and finish multiple pages; some days I may not get any done at all (vacation, family outings — all days on which I’ll be adding to the memories instead “scrapping” them). Polite, pleasant comments and critiques welcome, and let me know if you are scrapping (or stitching, or whatever) along with me!








Moments of Gratitude:

that my husband is willing to spend evenings and weekends to tile my backsplash

that my daughter has a part-time summer job in her field

Praying for:

a full-time job for my daughter, with her newly minted MAT

my brother’s soul (he would have been 39 today)

From the kitchen:

homemade pizza tonight

gratitude for the quarts of fruit already frozen from our CSA

Working on:

a baby boy quilt that will be given to charity

Studio Edition 4

One of the things I’m doing this Summer is preparing for needlework activities in the Fall. Most of what I’m producing comes under the heading of “show and tell,” but some of it is paid work and some of it is prep work for classes. The three major ones are a canvaswork folding ort box and a cross-stitched etui which I’d like to show off at a guild meeting in October and the models for a piece (Tonie Evans’ Madrigal) I’m teaching to another guild chapter in October. The first two I just need to stitch on diligently and I’ll be ready with them. The models are a different matter. I have the finished model — the “here’s what this will look like” piece — all done, but I need to run up the demonstration pieces: a canvas with each of the required stitches started (so I can demonstrate each one) and another canvas with all of the stitching done (so I can demonstrate the suggested finishing technique). I made teaching notes, both for prework and classwork, while I was working on the finished model, so I can even make up handouts to go with the pattern. I didn’t design this pattern, but I’m going to be awfully familiar with it by this Fall!

Ready for Finishing

All finished!

Lighten Up!

#58: At this time of year, we’re in the lightest clothes possible, but what about lightening up our homes? I’ve changed my bedcovers twice since Winter: a lighter quilt for Spring and now a coverlet for Summer. A more formal homekeeper than I might also roll up the area rugs and change the draperies, but that’s going a little too far for me. I’ll settle for the fresh bedding and having the curtains cleaned!

#59 How about some summer freebies to lighten the pull on our wallets? The 11th of July (7/11) is Free Slurpie Day at 7-11 stores and June 3rd was Free Donut Day for 2011 at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Several companies bring out new treats during the Summer, and they’re often free, too. Dunkin’ Donuts ran coupons for free Frozen Iced Tea this year. What will they think of next??

#57 Summer Reading Programs: When I was a kid, my local library had a summer reading program just for kids. We registered every year, listing the books we’d read, and even participating in contests (like the year we built doll houses to represent the All of a Kind Family books). I don’t know if there were programs for adults (what your parents do hardly registers when you are 9 or 10) but there are now, at least at my present library. I’ve signed up every year since we’ve lived here, duly listing the books I’ve read or listened to by submitting book reviews. Using the old book report format of title, author, topic, and “why I liked this book” seems to be a good formula, and no one is correcting them anyway. It’s a great way to get “credit” for your summer reading (you are doing some, aren’t you?).  A couple of year ago, I actually won a prize (movie tickets and chocolate bars!!!) in the drawing taken from that week’s submissions — how cool is that?!? Made me feel like a kid again — like getting an “A” on my book report.