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The Beginning

For years, my daughter and I (and recently, my two nieces and I) did special things each day to celebrate Summer. All three of them are too busy to play with me this year — daughter off on an internship and a summer job, nieces involved in team sports — so I’m on my own. But no pouting! By my reckoning, there are 99 days of Summer this year (Memorial Day through Labor Day), so I am celebrating each of those days with something “summery.” Full disclosure: many of these things can be done in other seasons, but they often feel “summery” even then. So where am I on Day 10?

The List:
1. Stayed in a camping cabin in WVa (Memorial Day weekend)
2. Started a summer read: Dorothea Benton Frank’s Sullivan’s Island (and if an island book isn’t summery, I don’t know what is!)
3. Stocked the freezer with “Icees”
4. Got a shorter haircut
5. Put up patriotic decorations and a flip flop flag on my mailbox
6. Changed out the winter clothes in my closet for summer ones
7. Got a summery pedicure (“French:” really light, really pretty)
8. Attended my college reunion (25 years, but who’s counting?)
9. Ate lunch outside in a garden
10. Toured the DDay memorial (the day before the actual anniversary — very cool — and touring always makes me feel like it’s Summer, maybe because it implies vacation.)

No promises that I’ll update this list daily. Sometimes I’ll be a little behind, sometimes ahead. So what are you doing this Summer?


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